My Hometown – Documentary Photography

I don’t usually post my street photos really quickly which are not included in my street project because I’m holding them for some time, but for this one I’ll make an exception! why is that? this is a photo from my hometown in AlHasa which is a very well known village “ AlQarah “. Although I photographed a lot in AlHasa, this is my first time walking around here to capture street footage from my hometown and it wasn’t enough at all because of the short time and the hot weather.


A family from 3 woman are walking along the street which shows the famous small piece of AlQarah Mountain which is well known as “ AlQarah Head Mountain “ located in the center of the village, in the past there was lots of old houses around it until one day the government decided to demolish around it to make a roundabout for the village and soon lots of houses begun to disappear replacing them with more modern ones.

AlQarah, AlHasa. May 2015

Zuhair A

Note: All photos are owned & photographed by Zuhair Ahmad Al-Traifi, and you are not allowed to use them in any newspaper or magazines without permission. Using any photo online with a link reference to it’s original source & name is allowed. Failed to follow these instruction will have you face legal actions. Thank you for understanding.

ملاحظة مهمة: جميع الصور مصورة ومملوكة من قبل زهير أحمد الطريفي، ومن غير المسموح بتاتاً استخدامها في الجرائد والصحف الإلكترونية والمجلات بدون اخذ موافقة مسبقة. استخدام الصور على شبكة الانترنت مع وضع اسم ورابط المصدر الأساسي للصور مسموحٍ به. عدم اتباعك لهذه التعليمات قد يعرضك للمسائلة القانونية. شكراً لتفهمكم.

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