My Photographer friend Saad

In my last trip to the south region I was happy to meet Saad a photographer friend who knew some great places in Abha, Asir and one of the places is a great lookout from AlSawda Mountain, I took some shots for him in the way there, it’s really a great spot!

في رحلتي الأخيرة إلى جنوب المملكة إلتقيت بـ سعد وهو أحد أصدقاء التصوير وكان يعرف بعض الأماكن الرائعة في أبها ومن ضمنها هذا المطل الرائع على جبل السودة، إلتقطت له بعض الصور ونحن في طريقنا إلى هنا، حقيقة كان مكاناً جميلاً!

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Layla in a Southern Saudi Dress

About A year ago my lovely daughter Layla started to have a long hair and difficult for her mother to keep at good all the time, so we decided to cut it in order to have a new look & renew her hair but before that I did a photoshoot for her to document that long hair and chose her to wear a Southern Saudi Dress which I bought from my visit to Abha.

All Photos captured using Canon 5D Mark III with Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 IS USM –  October 2016

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