Camel Shepherd from the highway

After I left Hail in my last trip I ran across a camel shepherd in my way in AlGhazalah District, he was Sudanese and it didn’t mind a stanger like me photograph him or the camels, although every time I came to any of them they just ran away, he said that couple of years ago he was in a tv program and showed me the recording from his mobile, I didn’t not photograph much so there are only a few photos to show. AlGhazalah, Hail Region, Saudi Arabia.

بعد أن غادرت حائل في اخر رحلاتي صادفت في طريقي راعي للإبل في محافظة الغزالة، الراعي كان من الجنسية السودانية ولم يمانع التصوير من شخص غريب من خارج المنطقة على الرغم من أن الإبل ولسبب ما كانوا يهربون مني كلما اقتربت من أحدها، يقول أنه قبل بضعة سنين ظهر في أحد البرامج التلفزيونية وكان يتحدث عن عمله كـ راعي في هذه المنطقة وقد شاهدت تسجيل لهذا البرنامج من هاتفه المتنقل، لم أقم بالتصوير كثيراً لذلك لا يوجد إلا بضعة صور لنشرها، محافظة الغزالة بمنطقة حائل.

All photos captured in 16 December 2020 – AlGhazalah, Hail Region, Saudi Arabia

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Abu Faisal the Shepherd – Story 003

في مدينة نجران والواقعة في منطقة نجران جنوب غرب السعودية يعيش ناصر بن صالح المجدد من قبيلة وايلة ويكنى بوفيصل وهو أحد رعاة الإبل المتواجد في سوق الإبل والذي يقع غرب المدينة.

In Najran city south-west of Saudi Arabia lives Nasser Bin Saleh & they call him About Faisal and he’s one the camel shepherd in the camel market which located west of the city.

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Extracting Oil the old way from Jazan

When I was on the road from Jazan to Abha I saw in the sideways camels circling around blindfolded with men guiding them. So I stopped my car and it turns out that they are extracting  oil by grinding it, the camel circle around pulling the wooden lever hooked to him plus a big rock in his back so he moves slowly,  all that attached to a pole of wood which is crafted especially for this task and this pole moves as the camels circle in a big wooden pot also especially crafted for this, it turns slowly for hours and grind the seeds into oil called (Smsm Oil) used either for food or healthy choices for woman which is very common in the Southern Region. Another amazing thing that the camel can move & stop by a sound that the owner make which something impressive!

All Photos captured in October 2016 – Jazan, Saudi Arabia

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Camels from the Desert of Riyadh

Hello all, something quick to share with you, when I return from a road trip I keep my eyes on the desert and try to see unique sights of camels in the open field, this is one of them and it was almost noon but still I loved the results. Hope you like them!

All photos captured in December 2015




Zuhair A

Note: All photos are owned & photographed by Zuhair Ahmad Al-Traifi, and you are not allowed to use them in any newspaper or magazines without permission. Using any photo online with a link reference to it’s original source & name is allowed. Failed to follow these instruction will have you face legal actions. Thank you for understanding.

ملاحظة مهمة: جميع الصور مصورة ومملوكة من قبل زهير أحمد الطريفي، ومن غير المسموح بتاتاً استخدامها في الجرائد والصحف الإلكترونية والمجلات بدون اخذ موافقة مسبقة. استخدام الصور على شبكة الانترنت مع وضع اسم ورابط المصدر الأساسي للصور مسموحٍ به. عدم اتباعك لهذه التعليمات قد يعرضك للمسائلة القانونية. شكراً لتفهمكم.