My 2 weeks road trip to the South of Saudi

In the Beginning of October 2021 I Begun my photography trip heading to the south of Saudi Arabia to photograph in 3 different regions which are Jazan Region, Najran Region & AlQunfudhah city which is part of Makkah Region, but my first stop would be in Abha city in Asia Region because my wife wanted to come & visit Abha for the first time so naturally I’ve made plans to make it first things to do so I can be free for photography later, before reaching Abha I made one night stop at Bisha city before taking the mountain road through several cities like AlNamas until I reached Abha.

مع بداية شهر اكتوبر ٢٠٢١ بدأت رحلتي الفوتوغرافية متوجهاً إلى جنوب السعودية للزيارة والتصوير في ثلاث مناطق رئيسية وهي منطقة جازان ونجران ومحافظة القنفذة التابعة لمنطقة مكة المكرمة، وكانت وجهتي الأولى مدينة أبها بمنطقة عسير والسبب في ذلك أن زوجتي أرادت زيارة أبها ورؤية منتزه السحاب فـ كان الحل الوحيد هو أن تكون في أول مسار الرحلة لكي أتفرغ للتصوير في الايام اللاحقة، قبل الوصول إلى أبها قمت بالتوقف لمدة ليلة في محافظة بيشة للراحة ومن ثم انطلقت صباحاً متوجهاً إلى أبها مروراً بعدة محافظات مثل النماص وبللسمر وبللحمر، قمت بزيارة منتزه جبل ناصر بشكل سريع والذي يحتوي على مطلات جميلة للغاية.

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4 years ago – India

Today happens to be the same day that I travelled to India in a photography trip 4 years ago! Oh it feels like the years just went like fast. Anyway I wanted to share this with you all, on that day I’ve went on a 10 days trip with 2 of my friends Hesham AlHumaid & Ahmad AlSaif to Rajasthan – india to 5 different cities focusing on street & peoples life, it was my first photographic trip and it happens to be in this amazing country. I’m saying it’s amazing because when I got back Home, I really wanted to do another trip there, sadly for my own reasons I couldn’t do that, maybe I’m writing this so in the near future I can finally go back, maybe!

Ironically after that year a lot of fellow photographers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Oman started to travel to India also for photography, and here I am been watching them for years : (

Anyway I’m gonna share some of my favorite photos that I captured. Note: I already post Face from India which have lots of b/w portraits check it out.

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