4 years ago – India

Today happens to be the same day that I travelled to India in a photography trip 4 years ago! Oh it feels like the years just went like fast. Anyway I wanted to share this with you all, on that day I’ve went on a 10 days trip with 2 of my friends Hesham AlHumaid & Ahmad AlSaif to Rajasthan – india to 5 different cities focusing on street & peoples life, it was my first photographic trip and it happens to be in this amazing country. I’m saying it’s amazing because when I got back Home, I really wanted to do another trip there, sadly for my own reasons I couldn’t do that, maybe I’m writing this so in the near future I can finally go back, maybe!

Ironically after that year a lot of fellow photographers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Oman started to travel to India also for photography, and here I am been watching them for years : (

Anyway I’m gonna share some of my favorite photos that I captured. Note: I already post Face from India which have lots of b/w portraits check it out.

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