Solo photos from Dubai – street photography

Hello and sorry for being away in the past couple of weeks but I’m back again. Here are some solo photos from my first visit to Dubai in the UAE which was back in Feb 2016, it was a quick 2 day visit for a workshop and didn’t have anytime for my own photography but I managed to get a couple of shots around the metro which was a good experience, Enjoy!

All Photos captured in February 2016 – Dubai, UAE

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Abu Faisal the Shepherd – Story 003

في مدينة نجران والواقعة في منطقة نجران جنوب غرب السعودية يعيش ناصر بن صالح المجدد من قبيلة وايلة ويكنى بوفيصل وهو أحد رعاة الإبل المتواجد في سوق الإبل والذي يقع غرب المدينة.

In Najran city south-west of Saudi Arabia lives Nasser Bin Saleh & they call him About Faisal and he’s one the camel shepherd in the camel market which located west of the city.

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My 15 day trip to 4 cities in Saudi Arabia

أول رحلة تصوير بعد انقطاع أكثر من سنة وبالطبع لايزال هناك الكثير أستطيع تصويره وتوثيقه في السعودية ولهذا قررت اعادة زيارة بعض المدن التي قمت بزيارتها لمشروع حياة الشارع في السعودية وهي الطائف وأبها ونجران، في الحقيقة نجران هي وجهتي الرئيسية ولكن قررت التوقف في أكثر من مدينة قبل ذلك.. في هذه الرحلة لن أقوم بالتركيز على جانب واحد بل سأقوم بتصوير حياة الشارع وتصوير قصة معينة والقيام بتسليم صور مطبوعة والتي إن أخبرتكم عددها ستقولون عني مجنون! لا أعلم ما يمكن أن يحدث ولكنها تجربة لا يمكنني التوقف عنها!

First photography trip in more then a year and of course because there is a lot to photograph in Saudi I decided to revisit some of the cities which are Taif, Abha and Najran. In fact Najran is my main destination but I wanted to make a few stops before that. In this trip I will do street photography, stories and deliver printed photos which if you knew how many are they you will call me crazy! But I can’t seem to stop doing that.


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المعرض الأول من المشروع لم يكن كما يجب — Street life in Saudi Arabia

Hello and sorry I’m gonna write this only in Arabic بعد انتظار طويل وتأجيل طويل قررت اقامة معرض يسلط الضوء على بعض أعمال مشروع حياة الشارع في السعودية، كنت أستشير عدة اشخاص بشأن اقامة المعرض وأخذ عدة افكار معينة قررت اقامة المعرض بفكرة أحد الزملاء الاعزاء وهي عرض مجموعة صورة كبيرة بحجم صغير بحيث تصبح […]

via المعرض الأول من المشروع لم يكن كما يجب — Street life in Saudi Arabia

Jazan & AlBahah trip with my brother

So Last year in order to finish my Street Life in Saudi Arabia project I had to go to a trip to Jazan Region which is located in the south-west of Saudi Arabia, one of my brothers decided to come along in this road trip which took us almost 18 hours from Dammam to Jazan city (with a couple of stops to rest & eat) we were discovering some sightseeing aside from the places I went to photograph for my project (visit here to see all the post blogs that I published) it was AlFaifa mountains & Farasn Island in Jazan Region, AlSoudah mountain in Asir Region and an ancient village in AlBahah in our way back. These are some of the photos I captured during this places.

All Photos captured Nov 2016 – multiple places

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Abu Adel a collector – Story 002

في مدينة بريدة في منطقة القصيم وبالتحديد في سوق الحرفيين الذي تم انشاءه من قبل الدولة يوجد متحف لأحد أشهر جامعي التحف في المنطقة إن لم يكن بالمملكة ويدعى أبو عادل الصمعاني.

In Buraydah city, Qassim Region and exactly in market built by the government for craftsman there lies a museum for a famous collector in the area if it’s not an all over Saudi Arabia and he’s called Abu Adel.

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Ibrahim a Yemeni cafe man – Story 001

Hello all, this is a start for a new long term photography project which I’ve talked about before here and it’s called Saudi Life Story, which is meant for anyone men or women, old or young that are living in Saudi Arabia ( not necessarily a Saudi ) Enjoy the first story!

مرحبا بالجميع، بداية مشروع فوتوغرافي جديد طويل الأجل والذي تكلمت عنه هنا سابقاً وهو بعنوان قصص حياة السعودية، والذي يكون بشكل عام على الرجال والنساء، الكبار والصغار منهم والذين يعيشون داخل السعودية (وليس بالضرورة من الجنسية السعودية) استمتعوا بأول قصة!

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Extracting Oil the old way from Jazan

When I was on the road from Jazan to Abha I saw in the sideways camels circling around blindfolded with men guiding them. So I stopped my car and it turns out that they are extracting  oil by grinding it, the camel circle around pulling the wooden lever hooked to him plus a big rock in his back so he moves slowly,  all that attached to a pole of wood which is crafted especially for this task and this pole moves as the camels circle in a big wooden pot also especially crafted for this, it turns slowly for hours and grind the seeds into oil called (Smsm Oil) used either for food or healthy choices for woman which is very common in the Southern Region. Another amazing thing that the camel can move & stop by a sound that the owner make which something impressive!

All Photos captured in October 2016 – Jazan, Saudi Arabia

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Table football – Jeddah

Walking around the historical area in Jeddah AlBalad which is the old side of Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, the kids there always get my attention and some play with table games like table tennis and in this case Table Football which is a miniature of the famous football but in a table and it can be player either 1v1 or 2v2. Khaled & Mohammed are playing against each other in a game they both love and really good at it

All photos captured in November 2017 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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