Manama Central Market – street photography

Hello all, this is the first post from outside of Saudi in while, this photowalk was the first one going for photography in Manama, Bahrain since the pandemic started, I gotta admit I wasn’t focus enough in this photowalk and I missed a lot of scenes but got a few good ones, hopefully I’ll get back to photograph more areas in Bahrain soon.

مرحبا جميعاً، أول تدوينة من خارج السعودية منذ فترة، خرجت للتصوير في مدينة المنامة بمملكة البحرين للمرة الأولى منذ بدء الجائحة، علي الإعتراف بأنني لم أكن في أعلى تركيزي في هذه الجولة وجعلتني أفوت الكثير من المشاهد ولكن خرجت ببعض الصور الجيدة، على أمل أن أعود مجدداً للتصوير في مناطق أكثر من ذلك قريباً.

All photos captured in December 2021 – Manama, Bahrain

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Morning walk in Manama central – Bahrain

So this was an early morning walk in Manama Souq in the area which has the famous Bab AlBahrain, in this walk I used my 24mm lens on my 5DIII which was the first time to shoot streets using this lens and it was also the last time, in short I didn’t like that range, it can’t compete to the 35mm focal range. Anyway enough with the technical stuff and here are some of the scenes I managed to capture during that morning including a bonus at the end. Enjoy!

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