AlSabil Barber – Story 009

يعمل أحمد فتحي جراحي (أبوعلي) في حي السبيل في جدة في مهنة الحلاقة في صالونٍ صغير لا تتجاوز مساحته عدة أمتار، يعمل حلاقاً منذ عمر ١٧ عاماً وهي مهنة العائلة التي قد ورثها من أبيه. 

Ahmad Jarahi (Abu Ali) is working as barber in AlSabil area in Jeddah city in small shop, he worked as a barber since he was 17 years old and it’s a profession he picked it up from his father as it’s a family profession.

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Day at the famous Jeddah AlBalad area

Last year I had a course training from work for a week in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and it was a perfect opportunity to visit the famous Jeddah Historical Area also known as Jeddah AlBalad. I visited this area many times before including one which was part of my Street life in Saudi Arabia Project, you can view the published blogs here and also I published a story from the series Saudi Life Story. So yeah I have lots of memories from this area and here’s even more photos which I hope you like. Enjoy!

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Ibrahim a Yemeni cafe man – Story 001

Hello all, this is a start for a new long term photography project which I’ve talked about before here and it’s called Saudi Life Story, which is meant for anyone men or women, old or young that are living in Saudi Arabia ( not necessarily a Saudi ) Enjoy the first story!

مرحبا بالجميع، بداية مشروع فوتوغرافي جديد طويل الأجل والذي تكلمت عنه هنا سابقاً وهو بعنوان قصص حياة السعودية، والذي يكون بشكل عام على الرجال والنساء، الكبار والصغار منهم والذين يعيشون داخل السعودية (وليس بالضرورة من الجنسية السعودية) استمتعوا بأول قصة!

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Table football – Jeddah

Walking around the historical area in Jeddah AlBalad which is the old side of Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, the kids there always get my attention and some play with table games like table tennis and in this case Table Football which is a miniature of the famous football but in a table and it can be player either 1v1 or 2v2. Khaled & Mohammed are playing against each other in a game they both love and really good at it

All photos captured in November 2017 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Street Life – Random Collection 14

Continuing this series of street photography in effort to show case photos from my archive, if you like this post you can view the previous posts about street photography from here. Random photos from different cities. This is the last photos for now and I’m gonna display more in the near future so the series is gonna stop for a while

أكمل معكم هذه السلسلة من صور حياة الشارع وأهدف بها اظهار ما لدي من صور بالأرشيف، إذا أعجبتكم هذه الصور تستطيعون مشاهدة السلسلات السابقة من هذه الصفحة عن تصوير حياة الشارع. صور عشوائية من مدن مختلفة. هذه اخر الصور الموجودة حالياً وسأقوم بنشر المزيد في المستقبل القريب لذلك ستتوقف السلسلة لأجل غير مسمى

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