Music Market in Riyadh – Documentary

Riyadh city is big city and has lots of hidden stories and most of them are located in the center of the city, I heard about an old market that’s called AlHillah Market which has lots of shops specialized in selling music instruments and mostly the Oud which is a very famous instrument in the Arabian Gulf society.

مدينة الرياض مدينة ضخمة ولديها الكثير من القصص المخبأة وأغلبها يقع في وسط المدينة، سمعت عن سوق قديم يسمى بسوق الحلة يحتوي على عدة محلات يبيع الأدوات الموسيقية وبالأخص العود وهي أداة لها شعبية كبيرة في المجتمع الخليجي.

All photos captured in April 2017 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Morning walk in Riyadh – Street & Documentary

The last time I visited Riyadh I had the chance to go out in a photowalk early morning with some photographer friends who know some the of the areas there, so we went to an area called AlWezarat which most of the people who live there are foreign. It wasn’t my best walk, but it wasn’t bad either.

كانت لدي الفرصة للقيام بجولة تصوير سريعة في الصباح الباكر عندما في زيارتي الأخيرة للرياض مع بعض الأصدقاء المصورين الذين كانوا يعرفون بعض المناطق في المدينة، توجهنا إلى حي يسمى حي الوزارات وهو بشكل عام مأهول بالسكان الأجانب. لم تكن جولتي المفضلة في ذلك اليوم ولم تكن سيئة أيضاً.

All photos captured in Jan 2018 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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AlKhamis market – Streets & Stories

AlKhamis market which is a weekly market held Saturday just after sunrise, AlKhamis means Thursday, before in Saudi Arabia the weekend was Thursday & Friday, then it changes a few years ago to Friday & Saturday. So the name remains the same but in a different day, and here are some photos and stories I took from that morning.

سوق الخميس وهو سوق أسبوعي يقام يوم السبت بعد شروق الشمس، يسمى سوق الخميس لأنه سابقاً كان السوق يقام في يوم الخميس عندما كانت العطلة الأسبوعية تصادف الخميس والجمعة ولكن بعد أن تغيرت قبل بضعة سنوات إلى الجمعة والسبت تغير اليوم الذي يقام فيه السوق ولكن لم يتغير المسمى لدى الناس، إلتقطت في ذلك الصباح بعض الصور من الحياة وبعض القصص.

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Cloudy day in my hometown village

This is another photowalk for my hometown village AlQarah which is located in AlHasa, Eastern Province. It was a cold and cloudy day so I decided to walk around to the capture moments of the people there. See my previous walk here.

جولة اخرى في القرية التي تعتبر هي مسقط رأسي وهي قرية القارة وتقع في محافظة الأحساء بالمنطقة الشرقية. كان جواً بارداً ومليئاً بالغيوم لذلك قررت التجول لإلتقاط بعض اللحظات للناس هنا. شاهد جولتي السابقة هنا.

All photos captured in March 2017 – AlHasa, Saudi Arabia
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Day at the famous Jeddah AlBalad area

Last year I had a course training from work for a week in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and it was a perfect opportunity to visit the famous Jeddah Historical Area also known as Jeddah AlBalad. I visited this area many times before including one which was part of my Street life in Saudi Arabia Project, you can view the published blogs here and also I published a story from the series Saudi Life Story. So yeah I have lots of memories from this area and here’s even more photos which I hope you like. Enjoy!

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Morning walk in Manama central – Bahrain

So this was an early morning walk in Manama Souq in the area which has the famous Bab AlBahrain, in this walk I used my 24mm lens on my 5DIII which was the first time to shoot streets using this lens and it was also the last time, in short I didn’t like that range, it can’t compete to the 35mm focal range. Anyway enough with the technical stuff and here are some of the scenes I managed to capture during that morning including a bonus at the end. Enjoy!

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Dammam Central Market 2 – Street photography

Another walk in Dammam Central Market, you can visit these kind of places over & over again and you will always find new scene for street photography, thats the beauty of it. Anyway I posted before some photos from this area (Click here to view it). I hope you like it!

جولة اخرى في سوق الدمام المركزي، تستطيع زيارة مثل هذه الأماكن أكثر من مرة وستجد دائماً مشاهد جديدة لحياة الشارع، وهذا ما يجعله جميلاً. على كل حال وضعت سابقاً بعض الصور من هذا المكان (اضغط هنا لرؤيتها). أتمنى أن تنال إعجابكم!

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AlBatha Area in Riyadh – Street photography

It was a quiet morning and a quick visit to this central area in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Recently I’ve started to focus on one thing only when I go in a photowalk, either capture candid street photographs or get closer and take stories from the people. Anyway this is only a short collection but I hope you enjoy it.

كان صباحاً هادئاً وجولة سريعة لوسط مدينة الرياض. مؤخراً قمت بالتركيز على شيئاً واحداً حينما أقوم بأي جولة تصوير، سواء تصوير حياة الشارع أو تسجيل القصص وتصوير حياة الناس. على كل حال هذه فقط مجموعة صغيرة وأتمنى أن تعجبكم.

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Solo photos from Dubai – street photography

Hello and sorry for being away in the past couple of weeks but I’m back again. Here are some solo photos from my first visit to Dubai in the UAE which was back in Feb 2016, it was a quick 2 day visit for a workshop and didn’t have anytime for my own photography but I managed to get a couple of shots around the metro which was a good experience, Enjoy!

All Photos captured in February 2016 – Dubai, UAE

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Table football – Jeddah

Walking around the historical area in Jeddah AlBalad which is the old side of Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, the kids there always get my attention and some play with table games like table tennis and in this case Table Football which is a miniature of the famous football but in a table and it can be player either 1v1 or 2v2. Khaled & Mohammed are playing against each other in a game they both love and really good at it

All photos captured in November 2017 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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