4 years ago – India

Today happens to be the same day that I travelled to India in a photography trip 4 years ago! Oh it feels like the years just went like fast. Anyway I wanted to share this with you all, on that day I’ve went on a 10 days trip with 2 of my friends Hesham AlHumaid & Ahmad AlSaif to Rajasthan – india to 5 different cities focusing on street & peoples life, it was my first photographic trip and it happens to be in this amazing country. I’m saying it’s amazing because when I got back Home, I really wanted to do another trip there, sadly for my own reasons I couldn’t do that, maybe I’m writing this so in the near future I can finally go back, maybe!

Ironically after that year a lot of fellow photographers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Oman started to travel to India also for photography, and here I am been watching them for years : (

Anyway I’m gonna share some of my favorite photos that I captured. Note: I already post Face from India which have lots of b/w portraits check it out.

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Faces from India

In Oct. 2011 I went to Rajasthan, India. I saw a lot of of stories just in their faces, I was just stunned by the details, the eyes, the expression they make when I try to talk to them, I wasn’t ready back then to see the environment, I was just in deep love with those details & wrinkles I see on the elderly people, it’s like a magnet ! Here are some of what I’ve captured on my trip.

في أكتوبر ٢٠١١ قمت بالذهاب إلى إقليم راجستان في الهند. هناك رأيت الكثير من القصص التي كانت على وجوههم، لقد كنت مذهولاً من كمية التفاصيل، العيون والتعابير التي كنت أراها حين أبدأ بالحديث مع أحدهم، في ذلك الوقت لم أكن مستعداً لرؤية المحيط الذي يعيشون به، كنت فقط غارقاً في تفاصيل تلك التجاعيد التي رأيتها في كبار السن، لقد كان الأمر مثل المغناطيس! هذه بعض مما إلتقطته هناك.

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