Dammam Central Market 6 – Street photography

Hello all, sorry to have been a bit away from publishing post for blog, been busy in real life, new home and new family member but getting back slowly. Anyway back with more from Dammam Central project, this photowalk was the first walk in months because I was really busy as I said, so because of that I spend around 3 full hours walking in early morning, so I got some really nice shot & more importantly I felt refresh again.

مرحبا بالجميع وأعتذر عن ابتعادي قليلاً عن نشر التدوينات للمدونة، كنت مشغولاً في حياتي الشخصية، منزل جديد وفرد جديد بالعائلة ولكنني على خطى العودة ببطء. على كل حال عدت مع المزيد من مشروع وسط الدمام، هذه الجولة كانت هي الأولى بعد توقف عدة شهور بسبب انشغالي الشديد مثلما ذكرت بالبداية وبسبب ذلك قضيت ٣ ساعات كاملة أتجول في الصباح الباكر للتصوير، لذا حصلت على بعض الالتقاطات الجيدة والأهم من ذلك أحسست بالانتعاش مجدداً.

All photos captured in March 2023 – Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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Manama Central 1 – street photography

So this was an early morning walk in Manama Souq in the area which has the famous Bab AlBahrain, in this walk I used my 24mm lens on my 5DIII which was the first time to shoot streets using this lens and it was also the last time, in short I didn’t like that range, it can’t compete to the 35mm focal range. Anyway enough with the technical stuff and here are some of the scenes I managed to capture during that morning including a bonus at the end. Enjoy!

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